Our Values

What we look like and how we are formed is based on our values.

Our vision as a church is to help Wirral find and follow Jesus through making and multiplying disciples, gospel communities and churches that value the gospel, community and mission.

Our Values


Our first value is the gospel which is the foundation from which all the rest flow and without it the rest don’t make sense or even exist.

The gospel is the good news of Jesus Christ, the son of God because of his life, death, resurrection, ascension and enthronement, we sinful humanity through faith and repentance in Him alone can have forgiveness of sin, be joined in intimate, joyful relationship with God our Heavenly Father experienced and applied through the indwelling Holy Spirit. 

As a church we unashamedly proclaim and seek to live out the whole gospel. It is at the centre of all that we do and say, it shapes, guides, leads and gives us hope in a broken world. 

Therefore everything we do, say and strive for is for the fame and glory of Jesus Christ. Through embodying and proclaiming this gospel we seek to help one another and those who don’t know Jesus to find and follow Him. 

As a church that values the gospel you can be assured we are committed to:

  • Reading the whole bible as the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Preaching and Teaching the gospel in every sermon from the whole Bible. 
  • Preaching and Teaching the gospel to both believer and unbeliever. 
  • Calling both believer and unbeliever to submission to the Jesus of the Gospel and living out the implications of the gospel in everyday life. 
  • Dealing with all problems with the gospel.
  • Teaching the gospel to our kids in Kids Church ministry.
  • Viewing and making sense of the world through the gospel. 


Our second value is Community. The gospel reveals that we are not saved to be alone but that we are brought into community unlike anything else in the world. You weren't created to be or live life alone. Through Jesus saving work we are brought not only into relationship with Him but also one another. The church is a family each person holds a family status and is loved. The church is called a body where every member is significant, valued and contributes to its health.

Jesus calls us into authentic gospel community. It is in community we embody the gospel and experience his grace through others. In the ordinariness of everyday life, we seek to do life together where we laugh, cry and experience the love of Jesus in all of life. We grow to know one another deeply, spend time together, share meals in one another’s homes. We believe it is in this messiness and ordinariness of life that we can best disciple one another to find and follow Jesus. 

But at the heart of our community is the gospel that binds us together and through reading the bible and praying together we help one another follow Jesus in all of life. The church isn’t just a Sunday event but we scatter through the week in Gospel Community (GCs) where all are welcome to join and we begin to reflect and experience what the church was called and meant to be. 

To be authentic communities of people who are following Jesus we expect our communities to reflect Jesus and the gospel. As Jesus forgives us in the gospel therefore we should be a forgiving community. As Jesus invites and welcomes us into His family therefore we should be invitational communities. We should be communities who speak the truth to one another, love one another, pursue one another and pursue the lost believing the gospel changes anyone beginning with ourselves.

As a Church that values Community you can expect us to:

  • Encourage you to live out the gospel in community.
  • Encourage you to edify, build up and pursue one another in community. 
  • Not to neglect gathering together with God’s people in the informal and informal. 
  • Along with your GC move out on mission together.


Our third value is Mission. In response to the gospel we don't merely live in community for our sake but also for the sake of others. The whole bible is the grand story of God’s loving pursuit of a rebellious humanity. In His great love he promised to send his Son to seek and save the lost. After Jesus accomplished his mission he commissions his disciples to carry on that mission to make more disciples of which we are still commanded to obey this great commission today. 

Every disciple is called into this mission so therefore we go, we help people find Jesus by proclaiming and embodying the gospel in all of life. Through gospel intentionality we seek opportunities to call people to follow Jesus. 

We see mission as all of life a priority through every and even the low key everyday moments of life. We see mission as long term in that we are committed to our families, friends and communities praying that they would find and follow Jesus. Our role is to be ambassadors for Christ. 

We partner on mission in our gospel communities to pray for on another, help one another to grasp the opportunities we have so the people of Wirral can find and follow Jesus. 

As a church that values Mission you can expect us to be committed to:

  • Equipping you for the task of mission. 
  • Praying for you on your mission in partnership with your GC and the corporate church body. 
  • Living on mission in the Wirral, where God has sovereignly placed us.
  • Loving the Wirral and the communities in which we exist.
  • Learning to speak the language of our culture to make the Gospel as clear as possible.
  • Listening to people and their ‘stories'.
  • Being a community that is counter-cultural rather than merely a Christian sub-culture.
  • Working in such a way that we live out the Gospel in our work and recreation.
  • Demonstrating the unity of the church in our communities.
  • Showing off the beauty of the Gospel by helping others in need through acts of mercy and generosity. Seeing every believer in Christ as a missionary.
  • Understanding the flow of history is the activity of our missional God at work restoring all things to Himself by His Gospel.
  • Structuring every ministry and encouraging every member to have a missional heart and Gospel intentionality for and towards the world for the sake of the lost.


Our fourth value is Multiply - From beginning to end in the bible multiplication is God’s good plan and it’s a beautiful one. The fruit of being a disciple and a healthy church is multiplication. Therefore we follow God’s command to multiply disciples, gospel communities and churches. 

We long that Wirral, Merseyside and beyond would come to find and follow Jesus so we are committed to the task of multiplication, no matter the cost we believe the needs of the lost are more important than our comforts. Every disciple is called into this task and as a member of Cornerstone Wirral you are partnering with us in this endeavour and what a glorious one it is. 

In 2013 sent by Cornerstone Liverpool we planted Cornerstone Wirral by God’s grace in 2019 we planted Rooted Church South Wirral. During this time we we’re also able to help see Liberti Church Lark Lane, and Hope Church Kensington planted. 

We recognise that no church on it’s own can achieve such a grand dream. Therefore this is why we partner with the Cornerstone Collective to see churches planted and revitalised across the Merseyside region. 

We also partner with Acts 29 to see more churches planted across the globe. It is a global family of churches committed to the task and the single issue of church planting. In this partnership we get to see the gospel go to the ends of the earth. 

As a church that is committed to multiplication you can expect us to

  • Encourage you to partner with us in this task.
  • To lay aside our comfort for the sake of those who don't yet know Jesus.
  • Call you in response to the great commission to make disciples.
  • Call you in response to the great commission to partner with your GC to multiply itself.
  • Pray for our region and beyond that the gospel would spread to those areas. 
  • Consider yourself going to be part of church planting.

Got questions?

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