Internships at Cornerstone Church Wirral

Want to spend a year growing in your love and understanding of Jesus and his church?

Internships at Cornerstone Church Wirral

“If you love Jesus and the Church and you want to reach people with the Gospel, we have a great opportunity for you to spend a year growing in theological, word ministry and practical service in one of the churches that are part of the Cornerstone Collective.”


·       The internship takes place over an academic year (September-July) on a fixed term basis.

·       There is no charge from the Collective to take part in the internship, but you will be encouraged to raise financial support or find a part-time job to support your general living costs.

·       Where a need for help with accommodation occurs, we will endeavour to find some options for you.

·       Training will be provided during the internship in all key areas of gospel ministry, with opportunities to deepen your theological understanding as well.

·       There will be the option to focus on specific areas of church life in your training (e.g. Kids, Worship etc.)

Why do we offer Internships?

We love the local church. We believe the role of the local church is to showcase the glory and wisdom of God to the world, we do this by being a Jesus exalting, gospel proclaiming community that is engaged in our culture in a gospel distinctive way.

We believe that our internship programme gives men and women the space to grow in their love and understanding of Jesus and His church. It enables people to pursue training that is theological as well as practical, it helps interns to gain ministry experience, it tests calling and it creates the opportunity to serve God's people and the church community for His glory.

Our hope is that interns within the Cornerstone Collective of churches will experience how the gospel interacts with everyday life; seeing it affect and shape their lives as they interact with and learn from church leaders and the wider church body in all areas of life (e.g. marriage, family, jobs etc.)

The internship programme creates a great environment for this to happen through integrating theological, missional and gospel centred content, in the context of the relational unity that is experienced in doing life with the members of the churches in the Cornerstone Collective.

The Schedule

·       Serving and training within the church for three days of the week (one of which will be a Sunday).

·       Approximately 20 hours per week.

·       September – July (holiday weeks within this period are available and will be arranged individually).

The Training

You will grow and learn in a variety of ways. This will include:

·       Collective staff meetings, congregational staff team meetings,1:1's, weekly and monthly intern training and teaching from the pastors of the Cornerstone Collective churches.

·       All interns will have specific congregational responsibilities, input, and training (e.g. kids ministry, worship, youth, internationals, operations etc).

·       You will experience the joys of participating in the life of the wider church by being part of one of the Gospel Communities within a church where you will “do life” together with a diverse group of people. Your involvement in the Gospel Community will be a key area of growth and development during the internship.

·       General duties and responsibilities for service within the church buildings.

Outside training possibilities will be discussed during your interview.