Gospel Communities

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Gospel Communities are really the place to get plugged into Cornerstone Wirral.

Sunday is only one part of belonging to Cornerstone Wirral. The outworking of the gospel in our lives will mean that we seek to express our belonging to Jesus and his people in the context of everyday life. So one place to experience the beauty of the gospel in one another's lives is Gospel Communities (GCs for short); this is the very heart of Cornerstone Wirral, communities of people sharing life together and blessing their neighbourhoods.

In these communities we express our belonging in formal and informal ways. We gather on a particular night to eat together, care for one another, study the Bible together, disciple one another and work together in mission. But throughout the week we seek to extend that through the everyday moments of life so we'll hang out, go for walks, just the ordinary mundane stuff of life.

We are committed to filling the ordinary things of life with gospel intentionality. Therefore, we encourage and challenge one another to be sacrificial, flexible, servant-hearted people of God because the Gospel has priority over our comfort, preferences, security and traditions.

Being part of a Gospel Community gives us the opportunity to live out the values of what it is to be a follower of Jesus Christ throughout the week as well as on a Sunday. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join. We want to walk with you to help you find and follow Jesus in all of life.

We have gospel communities in the following areas and we are seeking to multiply our gospel communities into other areas across the Wirral:

  • Bebington
  • Higher Bebington
  • Irby
  • Eastham
  • Hooton

If you have any questions or would like to attend or join one of these then simply fill out the form below.

Meet the GC Leaders

Bebington GC - Matt & Eleanor

Higher Bebington GC - Chris & Jo

Hooton GC - Josh & Caron

Eastham GC - Dave & Esther

Irby GC - coming soon